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    Cheap for the quality of the vehicle
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    Doesn't own the vehicles so servicing might not be up to scratch.
    Well worth getting a price from due to good chance of getting a great vehicle for the price

Campervan Hire AustraliaReview: Real Value Campervans is often one of the cheapest Australian campervan hire companies that you will find, but have quality vehicles. How can this be? After all you get what you pay for in this world and campervan hire  is no different.

The special thing about Real Value Campervans is that they are an aggregator of the best quality vehicles they can source from a 3rd party. i.e. another campervan company. This way, they don’t carry the costs of owning the vehicles and can get a great wholesale price for sub-hiring from another company on a large scale.

What does this mean for you the hirer? Well it means quality vehicles at a competitive price.  It only makes good business sense on behalf of Real Value Campervans to source the best quality vehicles they can so that you will be blown away by a Real Value rental.

Real Value Campervans definitely offer some of the best prices for campervans in their market segment and should be considered a “must” when getting quotes.

They have depots all over the country and are particularly useful if you are looking for campervan hire in Sydney.

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  1. Jacqueline

    I would rent from Real Value Campervans again.

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