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Motorhome Hire in New ZealandReview: Apollo Motorhomes New Zealand. Competitive rates, great customer service and New Zealand’s most modern vehicles have made Apollo Motorhome Holidays the largest privately owned leisure vehicle operator in the world.

Apollo New Zealand has uniquely designed motorhomes.


Apollo Motorhomes got its start in Australia in 1985 and has been branching out ever since, coming to New Zealand in 2003. They also have extensions in the United States. If you are concerned with where your money will be spent, note that it will be going to a very large corporation, with no guarantee that the money will be filtered back into the local economy. They even have their own manufacturer holding with Talvor Motorhomes (which is how they’re able to offer a somewhat lower price on their fleet).


Apollo doesn’t have the reputation you’d expect from all the hype they get. They are Qualmark endorsed, however, but it would seem that they have a hit-or-miss reputation when it comes to their company overall. They often receive average marks for average service. In other words, it often looks like people expect much more than they deliver.

As an overall reputation, they are, in fact, average — could be better, could be worse — according to customers, that is. Perhaps it is due to the fact that their website seems to offer insanely wonderful vehicles at super low prices, and then, even if they do deliver exactly what they promise, the customer is left disappointed because they build their hopes up too much. It appears to be a classic case of a company promising something great, delivering something great, but to an audience that expected more than just great.


Apollo Campers get their fleet from their own manufacturer, Talvor Motorhomes, as stated above. They have a fair few to choose from, and all are said to be uniquely built and designed. From the outside, the have some unique features that make them stand out among the others — more height and deluxe accommodations.

Another unique model among the fleet is the Endeavour Campervan — four berth for a small family, but without a shower and toilet on board (which is not typically a problem if you can find a camp site that furnishes these items).


The amount of extras you can add on with Apollo is pretty big — such as portable GPS units, baby seats, mountain bikes, and booster seats. But what’s a really nice extra is the Welcome Pack — a supply of coffee, tea, sugar, dish washing soap, matches, shampoo, conditioner, salt, pepper, body soap, and a sponge. This little extra is not just a nice touch, it saves you from having to supply your own for at least one night — kind of like a little hotel on wheels.

All cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, and tea towels are included. Additionally, they offer a doona (duvet), bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and bath towels at no additional charge.

The rental depots in Auckland and Christchurch are often looking for ways to relocate their vehicles from one depot to the other. So, if you’re looking for some seriously deep discounts (try some as little as ONE NZ Dollar per day), you should inquire on a relocation discount. The only thing you have to do is be willing to return the vehicle to the location they specify. Therefore, if you’re doing a relocation to Christchurch, and you picked up in Auckland, either have a way to get back to Auckland to depart at the end of your holiday, or depart from Christchurch instead.


Apollo Motorhomes provides a mid-range, high-quality motorhome to families and couples who are interested in affordability but not so much as to sacrifice quality and services. Apollo is ideal for mid-range renters seeking an independent holiday without any hassle or worry.

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  1. Augusta says:

    DO NOT rent a campervan from Apollo New Zealand. We just completed a 24 day hire of the Euro Tourer. Firstly, despite what their website says or their terms & conditions etc, they do not provide a kitchen pack, a personal pack, a toilet pack or viable 24 hour roadside assistance. Turns out the “included roadside assistance” does not include towing for accidents and other things, forcing us to pay another $4 per day. Secondly, the woman who served us tried to con us into believing that our travel insurance wouldn’t cover an excess on a campervan as it is a modified vehicle. Fortunately, I had a copy of our policy with us and it does cover them. This was her ploy to get us to upgrade to the no excess insurance plan. Thirdly, we were expecting to hire a “luxury top of the range Euro Tourer with all the luxuries you would expect …”, as stated on their website, but instead we got an over 3 years old, falling apart, dirty camper, with a broken cook top, 1 broken saucepan and 1 wobbly handled small frypan and not the all the basic utensils you would expect in a camper. We were warned by another camper dealer that Apollo campers are not kept clean, not serviced properly so your chance of a breakdown is higher. Then there is the whole scam of their insurance policies. When you pick up the camper the woman explained how if you don’t take up their $45 per day value pack, you will effectively be charged $7000 or $2,500 excess for every single damage you get on the vehicle, regardless of whether its your fault or not, and regardless of whether the damage is less than the excess. Even if it isn’t your fault, you pay the excess as they don’t bother chasing the other party. And they take up to a month to return the excess. I have never in my life encountered such a scam that coerces you to take their most expensive insurance cover. I have hired Britz and Maui campers many times in the past and this has not come up. I complained via email twice, was promised a phone call both times, but of course, not a word from them. I will never rent from them again!

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